So, you want to be on tv?

Celebrity Interior Designers want YOU!!

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This is the show for anyone to be on!!!

A Celebrity Interior Designer to come to your house and give your home a makeover!!! Yes please!!!

Redhouse TV is a fantastic production company and they make some of the UK's best programs, so make sure you're part of this show and enjoy the experience that comes with being on TV.

Good Luck...APPLY NOW!!!!

How is January going ?

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Hey there,

we're interrupting your day for a TV show that YOU need to go on!

It's for anyone!!

Shows like this are a great way for you or anyone you know to be on tv!

Go on have a never know it could be you!!

Breaking the safe is breaking the records!

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Have you seen this show on beonscreen ?

Its breaking records right now and its the fastest application rate we've experienced so far.

So lets look at why its such a hit.

It's hosted by Nick Knowles who started out life as a labourer before hitting the big time with DIY SOS on BBC On. So it's there that he become a household name to millions of people and when a big name like Nick presents a show it's sure to attract an audience with his army of fans!

Finally one of this main things that makes this show a hit is the facet you can work in pairs oh and i forgot for a second...the prize's a WHOPPING £100k which is a life changing amount.

So what you waiting for ? Meet Nick Knowles and try out for a £100k ? YES PLEASE!!!

Good luck and apply here now

Xmas is over 2014 is on the way!

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We hope you all had a great xmas and are continuing to do so!

As 2014 is approaching we've got the future to think about and this year we would love to introduce getting on TV shows as part of that new years resolution!!

Check out the other people that have had the opportunity to be on tv at our beonscreen wall of fame here

This could be YOU!!!

for the latest listings and TV opportunities click here and get applying, it's fun and FREE!!


It's nearly Xmas!!

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Hey Guys

It's nearly Xmas and there is no better time to start considering some awesome shows to take part in so you can get your shot and fix of being on TV!!

Here is a quick round up of the shows that are available and looking for you at the moment.

Are you a collector?

Ant & Dec!!

Set your mate up!!

and many more located here

Are you a collector ?

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What if you had a big collection of something that was really important to you?

What if you were passionate about something that others thought was not all that ?

Does this sound like you? Well the wonderful world of TV does care!

A production company are looking for anyone with the most amazing collection of anything and they want to come in and check it out.

You will get the opportunity to be on tv and show off your most amazing collection to the why not try it out?

apply on the link below.


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We received a call yesterday from a producer and he said we need a new round of people for a quiz show.

At that point we start to get giddy and and think about all the crazy things people are going to do when they get on this show.

The show we're talking about is of course FIFTEEN TO ONE!!!

it's back....and one thing that we thought that you would like to know is that the show was created by John M. Lewis, a former British Telecom employee. He submitted the idea to Regent Productions who developed the programme into a 30 minute format. WOW!!!

Apply now


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This is a treat!

Why not grab your other half and cart them off to a quiz show casting where you can work together to win the show ?

Fancy that as a test of your combined powers ? You know what they say.. two brains are better than one!

Check out the latest BBC quiz show that is looking for couples, it's fresh onto so grab your partner and make that application!

Good luck

Are you getting a puppy for xmas!

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We did mention a while back that getting on tv is just as much fun when you throw pets into the equation too...check out this listing from the makers of wife swap!

Is this you or someone you know ??
Have you always wanted a canine companion?
Are your children pestering you for a new puppy? Or are you about to get a new working dog?
Do you have dog filled gap in your life and feel like now is the time to fill it?
If so, we want to hear from you for a new documentary series following puppies and their new owners.
If this sounds like you or anyone else you know please apply now!

You can apply for this awesome show on this link

Good luck and don't forget to let us know how you got on!

How to get a new car!

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The key to getting a new car is to be on tv!!!!

It could not be easier....why not check this TV listing thats just hit the website courtesy of a well known TV producer and see what you think.

If you're like me and need a new car and cant afford one...this seems a pretty good alternative!!!

Good luck

The listing is here

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